television shows


Deep Space 69

What started as a sci-fi penis joke on Youtube has grown to an epic saga about the galactic and spiritual power of boning down. Watch season 4 on VRV.


Triptank: Beer Cops

Two officers of the law prowl the mean streets looking for booze. Part of Triptank on Comedy Central.


Otto’s Party Haus

Otto is an egomaniacal Bavarian monster who runs his futuristic party house with an iron fist. I did a story board for Cartoon Network to which Rob Sorcher, head of the network responded with “I don’t get it”


Ocean Village

The Diaz family is multicultural, cross-generational, blended and baking in the Florida sun. Ocean Village is a love letter to my island hometown Key Biscayne. Currently in development at a major streamer.


Triptank: Bethiffer

Beth and Jennifer terrorize anyone who dares cross their path at the “Amurrica Mall”. Part of Triptank on Comedy Central.


The Return of Flynn Mancox

Flynn Mancox returns to Mega Racing after faking his death to escape an evil contract. A script was written for Fox Digital and then Fox Digital ceased to exist.


Human Tank: Nomisugi

In order to save the world Diego Albertson must do the one thing he promised he wouldn’t; get drunk and pilot a giant robot. Currently in development at a major streamer.


Milbert & Marlin

Two wild rascals and their wooden robot cause mischief in a mysterious boarding school. I made some animatics for Disney that didn’t get produced.


Business Men

A satire on capitalism and the billionaires who destroy everything they touch to make a quick buck. I wrote a pilot for Adult Swim that ironically died when Rupert Murdoch’s business moves got too wild.


Pine & Combes Travel Books

Under the disguise of travel writers Pine and Combes take on the mysteries that are too weird, gross and disturbing for Tin Tin and the Hardy Boys. Rights are available Ted Sarandos.